Accessible Instructional Materials Library Forms

It is suggested that all forms be copied for your files prior to submitting them to the AIM Library for you records in case of later verification.

Student Registration

There is no longer a separate student registration form. The new Assurances Form, that is due each school year by November 30th, will also serve as the document for student registration.

Assurance Form

As part of the student registration and eligibility process, the Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) Library requires the assurance that appropriate assessments, when applicable, current medical records, and a written education plan are on file where the student attends school. The actual assessments, reports and plans are not to be submitted to the Accessible Instructional Materials Library.

Original Assurance Forms (faxes and copies will not be accepted) need to be mailed, no later than November each school year to the AIM Library:

Massachusetts Accessible Instructional Materials Library
3 Randolph Street Canton, MA 02021

Please, do not send the student’s actual IEP or Medical Eye Report!
Download Assurances Form

NEW Medical Addendum: Optional

Optional form may be used when an eye report or medical report has no acuities/field measurements. This form can be sent to doctors office for further clarification regarding APH Federal Quota eligibility, either MDB or FDB.
Download Medical Addendum Form

Material Request Form

To be completed by the TVI to ensure that the proper items are being provided for the student’s needs. All pertinent information, student, items, zip codes, etc, must be provided when requesting ANY/ALL materials from the AIM Library. The TVI is responsible for the proper care & return of these materials.
Download Material Request Form

Teacher Registration Form

Each TVI needs to submit at the time of Federal Quota Census so the AIM Library is sure to have your current contact information.
Download Teacher Registration Form

Parental Consent to Release Information Form

To be signed by parent or guardian to allow the AIM Library to exchange pertinent information with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, American Printing House for the Blind, and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. It is recommended that you write in the LEA address for the form to be returned to so they can make a copy prior to mailing to the AIM Library.
Download Print Form

Print Copy Identification Form

This is to be completed and placed inside each original textbook submitted to the AIM Library to ensure the return of the textbook to the proper source/student.
Download Print Form

Recreational Reading Wish List Form

Submitted by a TVI wishing to borrow available inventory of different literature, trade books, novels, or recreational titles. The AIM Library will provide what is currently available in our inventory. The AIM Library will not research or purchase these titles. This form may be submitted several times throughout the year to procure different books that may have been returned for recirculation.
Download Recreational Reading Wish List Form

Transfer/Holdover Form

A list of items/books that are currently in the possession of a student and shall remain in his/her possession (Holdover) for the following school year OR are being transferred (Transfer) to another student for the following School Year. To be submitted by the TVI in order to keep AIM Library circulation records accurate & up to date.
Online Form | Download Print Form

Repair Form

To accompany any items that are returned to the AIM Library in need of repair. No replacement items will be sent without all the necessary information
Download Repair Form

Return Slip Form

To be submitted with items returned to the AIM Library (no replacement being requested). This form ensures that materials are checked back into stock under the appropriate student to whom they were loaned.
Download Return Slip Form

Free Matter for the Blind Ship to AIM Library Sheet

These may be used to ship materials to the AIM Library. The U.S. Post Office Regulations list the following items as acceptable for this shipping method: Braille embossed materials, sound reproductions, print materials 14 point or larger and Tangible Aids. All other correspondence (letters prepared in any form by sighted individuals & empty shipping containers) must bear the full applicable postage. This privilege should not be abused.
Download Print Form

Transcription/Syllabus Form

Used for all books in need of transcription, prioritizing the use of chapters in the order of which they will be used. No textbook will be considered for transcription without it. The TVI will be notified in the instance that transcription/syllabus is required.
Download Transcription/Syllabus Form