Even though the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education(DESE) has directed that all schools remain closed until May 4, 2020, due to COVID-19, the AIM Library is still operating while taking precautionary measures to keep our team safe.

All requests prior to March 6th are on hold and not shipping to schools. If you’d like to have a prior Materials Request ship to a student at home, please contact Barbara Davenport bdavenport@aimlibrary.org

Going forward, TVI’s may request materials for their registered students and we’ll ship as best we can to students, TVIs and paras at home. Please keep in mind that AIM Library doesn’t have the resources and capacity for duplicate provision.

DESE guidance encourages related service providers, including TVIs, work with the district Special Education Administrator or the classroom teacher to determine the best way to reach out to students and families in order to ensure that students with disabilities can access educational resources provided by the district. Each TVI should reach out to their contact at the school to discuss what efforts should be made to obtain existing student materials at schools.

For details on requesting materials to ship to homes and for a list of current inventory, please email Carrie Brasier cbrasier@aimlibrary.org

As this situation changes daily, we will continue to follow the guidance provided by DESE in addition to doing all that we can to help keep our staff, teachers, students and families safe.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this challenging time.

Carrie Brasier ~Library Director