Happy 2019!

It’s time for 2019 APH Federal Quota Census! The census is done every year and is a separate process from AIM Library Registration. Please email Carrie Brasier, if you have not received an email with details about Federal Quota Census.

Please remember Assurance Forms(AF) were due by November 30th. After November 30 we start to hold requests until we have a current AF on file.

Parent Consent Forms only need to be submitted once to AIM Library and are valid until the student is 18. Over 18 Consent Forms will be emailed to TVI’s with students in that age bracket. We suggest you have blank AF’s and parent consents on hand as you participate in IEP meetings to save time. Remember to make copies for your files.

2018-2019 MCAS for grades 3-8 will only be offered in the new braille code, Unified English Braille (UEB). EBAE with Nemeth for MCAS high school tests only. Districts should ensure that students who utilize braille in grades 3-8 are being instructed in the new braille code. Please see our UEB page for the Massachusetts UEB implementation Plan.

Please contact Carrie Brasier, with any questions you may have.