Braille Requests

Districts wishing to access the AIM Library must coordinate all paperwork and requests for materials through a Licensed Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI). The specialized instructional materials available can only be assessed, deemed essential, and administered by a TVI. Once the student has been properly registered, the TVI may submit a Materials Request Form with all the pertinent information. All material requests must be submitted in writing. E-mails requests will be excepted as long as all the pertinent information is included. Please do not forget ZIP CODE and ISBN Numbers! Phone call requests will not be accepted.

A clean print copy of all texts being requesting is also required. If the Library has the title on its shelves, the print copy will be returned as soon as possible. If it is not available on our shelves and not available through another source, the print copy will be forwarded to the transcriber along with the Transcription Syllabus. It is possible that during the production process the binding of the textbook will need to be cut.

A Print Copy Identification Form should be filled out and enclosed in each print copy sent to AIM Library. If there is no Identification Form, the AIM Library cannot be responsible for the proper return of the print copy.

If a print copy is not yet available from the publisher, in the case of new copyrights, obtain a copy of the title page, front and back, from the publisher and forward along with the request form.

Please keep in mind that textbooks will not be considered with a copyright prior to 2014 and we do not transcribe loose worksheets. We reserve the right to limit textbook requests and consider workbooks and recreational reading materials a low priority. The student’s school district is responsible for securing items that the Library is unable provide. Please feel free to call the AIM Library for additional sources. As always, we process on a first come first serve basis and therefore we will not accept phone inquiries for inventory. No exceptions. All requests must be submitted in writing. This will allow the AIM Library staff to continue processing with minimum interruptions.

Fulfilling braille requests can take up to a year. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) textbooks can take even longer. Some texts we are able to locate on our shelves. Others might be borrowed from another state, or purchased through Accessible Media Producers (AMPs). If the text has never been brailed then the book must be transcribed from scratch. With this in mind, braille requests should reach the Library no later than March of the preceding year. A Transcription Syllabus (under Forms) is required for all transcription, prioritizing the use of chapters in the order of which they will be used. No textbook will be considered for Transcription without a Transcription Syllabus. The TVI will be notified in the instance of a required Transcription Syllabus.

The AIM Library is a lending library. All textbooks must be returned at the end of the school year, as we intend to circulate and utilize our inventory to its fullest extent. If you wish to renew them for the next school year or transfer to another student please submit a Transfer/Holdover Form (under Forms).