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Review on Special Education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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The AIM Library has been very busy processing and shipping as much as we can. Thank you for the positive feed back on our redesigned web site! In an effort to ensure student confidentiality and to be more green, the AIM Library no longer requires that copies of Medical Reports and IEPs to sent into our office. However these documents must be on file at the LEA. The AIM Library does require a signed WEPA to be sent in each

school year to make sure these documents are on file at the school. Faxes will not be accepted. No materials will be provided without a WEPA. Regarding returns, if you are returning APH kits and materials, please be sure they are complete and useable. If items are not in good condition, and you would not want to receive those same materials from the AIM library, then please discard them. Thank you!